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Fisherman’s Market re-opens in renovated former location, grand opening September 21, 2017!

September 21, 2017

Fisherman’s Market was the local favorite for acquiring delicious seafood for many years, but due to spacial needs of a growing wholesale seafood company, we decided to shut it down until we could find a better location for it. We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening Fisherman’s Market on September 21, 2017. Visit today for more information…

OceansDock Seafood – A new healthy, tasty & easy-to-prepare seafood entree for your dining experience!

August 1, 2017

Try our new line of premium products made with the very finest natural ingredients, including seafood that’s harvested using sustainable practices. We offer a healthy, tasty and easy-to-prepare seafood entree for your dining experience! Visit today for more information…

Carl’s Select scallop brand

September 6, 2016

Oceans Fleet will not be offering the “Carl’s Select” scallop brand, in order to avoid any confusion with an existing brand of another company.

Scallop Update

October 19, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin took its toll on scallop availability and pricing in the first half of October. The hurricane, which churned through the North Atlantic Ocean in the early days of October, was responsible for widespread devastation in the Bahamas, as well as the loss of the 791 foot cargo ship El Faro and it’s 33 crew members amid 20-30 foot seas near Crooked Island, also in the Bahamas. READ MORE…

Oceans Fleet Fisheries is now BRC certified!

October 17, 2015

BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 22,000 certified suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies. The Standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers. VISIT THE BRC DIRECTORY…

Scallop Update

September 21, 2015

Boat pricing for scallops on the New Bedford Seafood Auction climbed slightly over August average pricing during the first twelve auction days of September. Average pricing on U10’s went up 20¢/lb and U12’s went up 24¢/lb, while 10/20’s have held steady. (All pricing based on average prices through September 17th.) READ MORE…

Scallop Update

August 18, 2015

The New Bedford Seafood Auction boat pricing on scallops continued to climb in the first two weeks of August. Prices are up compared to end of July average prices on all sizes of scallops at auction. 10/20’s are up 38¢/lb, U10’s are up 36¢/lb, U12’s are up 29¢/lb, and 20/30’s are up 22¢/lb (based on August average price after the auction on 8/17.) READ MORE…

Greg Fulcher buys scallop vessel, permit from Oceans Fleet for $7m

July 30, 2015

Newport News, Virginia-based vessel operator Greg Fulcher has bought a scallop boat and license from Oceans Fleet Fisheries for $7 million, in the latest example of big money being spent in the US sector. A deal has been rumored for the past month or so, but on July 29 Undercurrent News was able to confirm the vessel was residing in port at Newport News. READ MORE…

OceansFleet takes part in WHALE’s Summer Soiree

July 27, 2015

On Friday, 7/24 Oceans Fleet Fisheries took part in WHALE’s Summer Soiree 2015 with a donation of delicious, fresh swordfish for this fund-raising event. Oceans Fleet Fisheries works with WHALE and other non-profit organizations whose programs benefit our local community. The mission of the Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE (WHALE) is to foster historic preservation and continued use of the city’s architectural heritage, so to enhance community and economic vitality in New Bedford, MA.
Established in 1962, WHALE is a nonprofit, historic preservation organization dedicated to promoting the value and reuse of historic structures in New Bedford through preservation, education, and advocacy. Over the past 50 years, WHALE has facilitated the completion of more than 50 restoration and preservation projects in the New Bedford area. You can learn more about WHALE here:

Scallop Update

July 17, 2015

Auction prices up – New Bedford scallop auction prices are on the rise, as we predicted in our Market Report on 6/30. After seeing average prices drop on all sizes from May to June, for the first half of July we have seen prices increase to a level above the average prices in May and June on all sizes except U12’s. The anomaly on U12 pricing can be attributed to 2 low-priced MAAA lots on 7/3 and 7/6. READ MORE…



Join us for a boat tour & cocktail party aboard “F/V Alaska” in Boston

WHEN: March 15 & 16, 2015

OceansFleet team members will be at booth #148 at Boston’s upcoming seafood expo, but be sure to stop by our scallop fishing vessel that will be docked at Black Falcon Terminal too! We will be offering a boat tour of an actual commercial scalloper. Seafood samples, beverages, entertainment and more will be provided at the boat tour.

OceansFleet will be at Boston’s Seafood Expo North America

WHEN: March 15-17, 2015

OceansFleet’s sales team and other team members will be attending the Seafood Expo in Boston. Formerly known as the International Boston Seafood Show/Seafood Processing America, Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America is the largest seafood trade event in North America. The event attracts over 20,000 buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value-added seafood products, equipment, and services. Attendees travel from more than 100 countries to do business at the exposition. Contact your sales rep for more information or come see us at Booth #148. Be sure to stop by our F/V Alaska that will be docked at Black Falcon Terminal in Boston offering a boat tour of an actual commercial scalloper. Seafood samples, beverages, entertainment and more will be provided at the boat tour.

OceansFleet to attend world’s largest seafood trade event in Brussels, Belgium

WHEN: April 21-23, 2015

We are excited to announce that our director of international sales, Tony Figueiredo, will be representing OceansFleet Fisheries in Europe this year along with Senior Sales Representative Mike Johnson. Formerly known as the European Seafood Exposition/Seafood Processing Europe, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global is the largest seafood trade event in the world. The event attracts more than 25,800 buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value-added seafood products, equipment and services. Attendees travel from 150 countries to do business at the exposition. Be sure to reach out to Tony if you are interested in meeting him ( / 508-910-2144). See us at Hall 6, Booth #1329.

OceansFleet owner Lars Vinjerud II featured in Atlantic Coast Fishery News article — “Northern Edge insights from a 40-year scalloping veteran”

October 21, 2014

By David M. Fitzpatrick — ACFN STAFF WRITER
This story of the sea begins with one on land—a cautionary tale, perhaps.

In 1797, the Tuttle family purchased land near the town of Freeport, Maine, with a plan to grow potatoes on a 300-acre farm. But it seems that the Tuttles perhaps didn’t have the requisite farming skills for such a venture.

There was already something working against them that they didn’t even know about. Not far beneath the surface of their arable land was a layer of glacial silt—similar to sand, but much finer. This is hardly a surprise in Maine; the entire state was under a glacier during the last Ice Age, and when that glacier retreated… Read the full article… CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

PDF Article courtesy of Atlantic Coast Fishery

American Scallop Association proudly donates $5k to UMASS Dartmouth’s Archive Collection of Congressman Barney Frank

July 30, 2014

In support of UMASS Dartmouth, the American Scallop Association has donated $5,000.00 to help students seeking high quality liberal arts, science and professional academic programs. These students are building a foundation for civic responsibility and acquiring the necessary skills to achieve future professional success.

OceansFleet nominated for the MA-APSE Employer of the Year Award!

May 1, 2014

OceansFleet Fisheries is proud to announce that we have been awarded the “Employer of the Year” award by the Massachusetts Chapter of APSE.
Massachusetts APSE is a state chapter of APSE. Massachusetts APSE works to improve and expand supported employment in Massachusetts, enabling persons with disabilities to become employed in integrated community settings. Members include; professionals, citizens with disabilities, their family members, employers, and anyone interested in supporting the mission of the organization. Massachusetts APSE is committed to providing resources to individuals with disabilities to assist in accessing integrated employment opportunities. Massachusetts APSE encourages the development and expansion of innovative employment options.

OceansFleet welcomes F/V Revolution to our fleet of lobster boats

March 22, 2014

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition in our fleet of commercial fishing vessels, “F/V Revolution”. We look forward to Captain Rick Chace and his hard-working crew harvesting some great seafood in the near future. The boat was completed in 2013 and is finally ready to begin its first of many journeys out to sea to catch some of the most delectable North Atlantic lobsters that OceansFleet proudly stands by for quality and freshness!
Click here to see the “F/V Revolution”…

Atlantic Scallops Fishery is Certified “Sustainable”

December 19, 2013

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — December 19, 2013 — The following was released by the American Scallop Association:
The certification covers Atlantic sea scallops fished along the U.S. Atlantic coast from Maine to North Carolina by limited entry federal permit holders. The fleet accounts for 95 percent of the total U.S. scallop catch.
Click here to read more…

Bridgewater State University plant tour a success!

December 11, 2013

Oceans Fleet received two letters from the students at BSU thanking us for the tour and knowledge they gained from our plant tour we provided them back in November 2013. Oceans Fleet is always proud to serve our local community and we thank the students & faculty for the opportunity! To read the letters: click here…

Bridgewater State University visits Oceans Fleet for an educational plant tour

November 14, 2013

Dr. Eduardo T. Pérez & his “Lobster Tales” students experienced a special educational tour of the Oceans Fleet plant on November 14, 2013. General Manager Chris Brown, along with other team members, provided a detailed journey throughout our entire operation with an emphasis on our lobster facility. Click here for more…


World Ocean Day
On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honor the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and what it represents. Be a part of this growing global celebration! Thanks to The Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network for helping to promote and coordinate this event since 2002.


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