News & Events: Bridgewater State University Plant Tour

Dr. Eduardo T. Pérez & his “Lobster Tales” students experienced a special educational tour of the Oceans Fleet plant on November 14, 2013. General Manager Chris Brown, along with other team members, provided a detailed journey throughout our entire operation with an emphasis on our lobster facility.


The Course: “Lobster Tales”

For centuries, people have relied on the ocean’s biotic resources for their livelihood. In this seminar, we explore life around the Atlantic’s most prized crustacean-the Lobster. Steeped in rich history, the lobster culture in Massachusetts gives us plenty to think about and discuss. We will tell lobster tales from the field. Central to this seminar is the meaningful ways these little red
critters shape human relations and social interactions in their local communities. Students will chronicle in written form an understanding of life at sea and Lobster issues close to home. Core-First year Seminar, Core-Social/Behavioral Science, Core-Writing Intensive.

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