F/V Liberty

F/V Liberty
Description of Vessel: The vessel is an all-welded steel construction, single crew, raised foredeck lobster / crab boat with superstructure atop forecastle deck aft. The vessel wil participate in the commercial American lobster and jonah/rock crab fisheries with operations in the Northeast U.S. Atlantic. Vessel also contains installations/fittings for future conversion to a single dredge scalloper should the need arise.

Year Built: 2014
Hailing Port: New Bedford, MA
Net Tonnage: 94
Gross Tonnage: 138
Length: 69.5 ft
Breadth: 25 ft
Draft Depth: 12.6 ft
Fishery Type: Lobsterer
Builder: Williams Fabrication Inc.
Vessel’s Captain: Mike Oliveira

F/V LibertyF/V LibertyF/V Liberty




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